Teaching Catholic couples how to live their love for their spouse, as a sacrament and how to grow in true intimacy as Christ intended.


Gary and I have been preparing couples of all ages for sacramental marriage in the diocese of Phoenix for over twenty years. In addition, we mentor married couples who have hit a stumbling block and are at odds with each other. Even though Gary has a Ph.D. in Psychology, this is not therapy or typical counseling, but couple to couple mentoring. We each mentor from our male and female perspectives and listen with discerning hearts to the couple’s complaints, frustrations and issues. We shine the light of Christ found in Scripture, Church teaching and the sacraments onto your marriage to assist in addressing the core reasons and solutions to their issues.

We believe the goal of a healthy, happy, holy, sacramental marriage is not to be married fifty or sixty years while living disconnected, unloving lives, but to be more in love with each other than on your wedding day. Our goal is to help couples live their love in a way that allows them to achieve complete intimacy in which their love is a sign to others of Christ’s love for His Bride, the Church.

Learning holy intimacy from our podcasts.

Is your marriage worth $5.00 a month? Listen to each week’s Sunday Readings to hear what they are teaching you about your marriage. Your marriage is both a sacrament and your life’s vocation. What training or continuing education do you have for this, your life’s work toward your sanctification? This is a continuing educational program based on Scripture and relevant to your life, love and sacramental marriage. Jesus desires for you and your spouse to be a shining example of holy, happy and healthy love. Hear the Readings via your podcast applied to your love and your marriage. Listen to them over and over for the entire month as you better understand how to grow in love and intimacy. Each month, you will learn to love and be loved more. This is a gift from Jesus to your marriage. Open the gift!

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Didn’t understand how much work I needed to do. Real love is hard work…but that is what I promised 15 years ago.