Marriage Mentoring

Have you been shocked and dismayed when a couple married 25 years announces they “have grown apart” and are getting a divorce? Did you ever think, “They always seemed fine and they have great kids, what happened to them? Could this happen to us and to our marriage too?”

Sadly, the divorce rate spikes between the 18th and 27th years of marriage or when the last child leaves home. The couple has spent all their time on work and kids and forgot each other. Now, they have an empty nest and they are disinterested strangers.

Regardless of their age, children are always devastated when their parents get a divorce. Just because they have grown up and left home it does not make it easier. They worry it will be their fate too.

Safeguard your marriage and learn how not to have this happen to you. Learn how to live and prioritize your love.

Learn how to keep intimacy alive in your marriage.