MARRIAGE MENTORING: Authentic Catholic Help!

No marriage is perfect because no person is perfect. All marriages are subject to difficult, trying times. Spouses can suffer and never reach a resolution … or they can seek counsel for support, encouragement and specific tools and strategies to the life issues besieging their marriage.

Please, let us help before more time passes and permanent, painful walls separate you further from your spouse.

MARRIAGE MENTORING IS: a unique, one of a kind program designed to help Catholic couples have a healthier, holier, happier marriage. Couple to couple mentoring helps each spouse feel better understood and provides a voice for each in our mentoring process. As Catholics married in the Church, we are a Sacrament. Sacramental grace is very powerful, but few couples truly understand how to rely on this grace to help their marriage grow in love and harmony as Jesus intends.

MARRIAGE MENTORING IS NOT: psychotherapy. It is a couple to couple process, infused with the foundation of our Catholic faith together with sound, proven strategies and suggestions to address marital issues as well as providing the tools to build a healthier, happier, holier Catholic marriage. Emphasis is upon developing listening, communicating, problem solving, decision making, family of origin and so much more in providing specifics to deal with ongoing, painful issues.

MARRIAGE MENTORING IS NOT: Christian help. Many Catholics erroneously presume Christians and Catholics view marriage identically. If you were married in the Catholic Church, you are a Sacrament. Few Christian therapists understand the sacramental nature of a Catholic marriage.

MARRIAGE MENTORING IS NOT: secular help. Secular therapists may themselves have experienced one or more dysfunctional marriages and may well emphasize divorce, urging the Catholic couples to move on and rebuild their lives separately.

MARRIAGE MENTORING IS NOT: group help. Churches often have programs in which general ideas on marriage are discussed. Improvement is limited to a month or two and then it is a return to the same issues as there has been no in-depth focus on addressing specific roadblocks to a healthier marriage.


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