Marriage Podcasts

Podcasts are the quickest, most efficient method to reach the largest number of Catholic couples. Our podcasts are designed to assist couples to “Grow in Intimacy” by prioritizing their lives and sacramental marriages. We base our “Marriage Mentoring” podcasts on each Sunday’s scriptural readings, applying them to marriage and family so Catholic couples can work toward Jesus’ desire for their marriage to grow in love, intimacy and holiness.

As the Readings and Commentaries progress, couples will learn to improve cooperation with their spouse, forgive and be forgiven, let go of hurts, communicate more effectively and deal with the hardships of life as a sacramentally married couple.


  • Those who are engaged and those considering marriage
  • Those preparing for marriage
  • Those newly married
  • Those married many decades who want more for their marriage
  • Those who wish to provide a special, Catholic gift of love and opportunity for intimacy to family or friends
  • Those who have been educated in Catholic school but don’t see what the “big deal” is about being married in the Church
  • Those who are away from the Church and after a secular college degree, no longer think they are Catholic


On the first day of every month, we will provide the coming Sunday’s Readings together with appropriate, detailed commentaries that apply the Readings to your sacramental marriage for the entire month for you to listen to as you are able. Some people choose to listen to the entire month right away, and others listen weekly as the corresponding readings are proclaimed at Mass. Commentaries will include practical, specific strategies and suggestions to improve your marriage and assist in living your love for your spouse in a more effective way. You will be able to access all Readings through that specific month for the $5.00 fee. Then, on Sunday, when the Readings are proclaimed at Mass, they will not only be very familiar to you, but you will also have been thinking about their specific application to your marriage throughout the week.

How Would You Rate Your Marriage?

Sure you may say, “We love each other, but I wished it could be better. I would love to feel more connected, but we can’t afford nor do we really need counseling.” Our podcasts can get you both thinking and learning how to live your marriage step by step, week by week, as a sacrament, as you begin to look at your marriage differently and live it with more understanding and love. If you and your spouse are experiencing a difficult time in your marriage, understand the best of marriages go through difficult times. There is no perfect marriage because there are no perfect people. If you are both baptized and married in the Church, you are a sacrament of the Church. Do you know how to live your sacrament? People frequently tell us if only they had known more about their marriages earlier they would have treated each other differently and enjoyed each other more. The only regret is the time they have wasted without this knowledge of the necessary tools.

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