MARRIAGE PODCASTS: Quick, Efficient, Effective!

Our podcasts are designed to assist couples to grow in intimacy by prioritizing their lives and sacramental marriages. They are based on each Sunday’s scriptural readings and are specifically applied to marriage and family.

Each podcast provides commentaries with strategies to improve cooperation, let go of hurts, communicate more effectively, live the Five Priorities of a holy, Catholic marriage, manage the hardships of life as a sacramentally married couple and so much more!


  • Those considering marriage
  • Those preparing for marriage
  • Those newly married
  • Those married years or decades who desire a healthier, happier, holier Catholic marriage
  • Those wishing to provide a gift of love and opportunity to family or friends
  • Those who do not understand the importance of being married in the Church.
  • Those who have fallen away from the Church and no longer think or feel Catholic


On the first day of every month, we will provide the Sunday Readings with detailed commentaries applied to marriage and family for each Sunday of that month. You may listen to the entire month right away or listen each week as the Readings are proclaimed at Mass … it is your choice. Listen to practical, specific strategies and suggestions to improve your marriage and assist in living your love for each other more effectively.


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