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2017 Year A

Would you like to decrease division and disunity in your sacramental marriage?

Would you like to grow in love and holiness in your sacramental marriage?

What are the Priorities for a Holy Catholic Marriage?

Recognizing two deadly sins that destroy sacramental marriages.

Temptations, secrets and sins that seek to destroy sacramental marriages.

When hardships come into our lives, what does Jesus want us to prove?

Recognizing temptations and vulnerabilities that destroy sacramental marriages.

Intimacy with Jesus draws us closer to our sacramental spouse.

Suffering and trials are steps to loving and trusting God.

How to decrease anger and increase love in our sacramental marriages.

Do you REALLY trust Jesus?

Rage, dissention and other not so obvious sins of the flesh.

Suffering and sanctification in our sacramental marriages.

What are three very serious impediments to our human nature?

Are you implementing the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit in your sacramental marriage?

What is the source of true happiness?

The miracle and gift of the Eucharist in Holy Catholic Marriage.

What will your legacy be to your family?

How to open our spouse's heart to change.

How does the wisdom of Solomon assist us in our sacramental marriages?

How to become equipped for the daily spiritual battles attacking Catholic marriages and families.

When your marriage is being tested and you're at the breaking point....

Tools to help us carry the heavy burdens of our lives and sacramental marriages.

How God wants us to teach our children!

Time to reconnect with our three most important relationships

Do you know what is right and just?

Three very important TRUTHS for our lives.

What are the two greatest gifts parents can give their children?

What does "love of self" truly mean?

Are we conforming to God's will or our will and the present age?

What will be your legacy to your family?

God: the generous giver of our talents, gifts, and successes.

St. Paul's secret for accepting God's plan for your marriage.

Healthy thoughts and habits for every marriage.

Our call to accept responsibility in marriage.

November (1st Half)

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The gifts of grace and love in marriage and family.

Remaining alert and vigilant to our faith.

Truly living our love for God and family.

2017-2018 Year B

November (2nd Half)

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Love and Honor in Holy Catholic Marriages

The Holy Family as an inspiration for love, peace, cooperation and understanding.

How does practicing love and obedient faith protect marriages and families?

How to combat anxiety through kindness and prayer.

Love and service to spouse in daily living.

Patience and fidelity: cornerstones of love.

Fear, anxiety and Seven Deadly Sins: What to do.

Growing spiritually to strengthen holy, Catholic marriages and families.

Interested in raising and protecting holy, Catholic children?

Can you follow God's call certain in the knowledge of His presence?

How can Father Abraham teach us to have holy, Catholic marriages?

How do we protect our marriages and families from our toxic culture?

Five suggestions from St. Paul for holy, Catholic marriages.

How to daily live the Gospel message, especially in tough times.

The Passion: the power of healing, and love.

How holiness and obedience lead to greater intimacy in sacramental marriages

Faith, love and action: the game plan for God and spouse.

The Ten Commandments of Love

How to grow sacramental marriages in faith, love and intimacy.

As parents, we are always shepherds of our children

The power of patience, determination and forgiveness

What do you need? How can I help?

Meeting Life's Challenges and Fears with Prayer

Treasure Your Marriage, Treasure Your Sacrament

Bearing Suffering and Struggling with Christ

Unity with Christ and Our Spouse

True Peace Through Christ

Acceptance or Rejection?

The Gifts We're Given

Obedient Service of Love

Resisting temptation, protecting our children

Faith and love: words to live by

Obstructions and impediments to Catholic marriages.

Love is a verb....live it!

November (1st Half)

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