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2021-2022 Year C

Romantic love is cool; sacrificial love is eternal.

Interested in learning healthier ways of communicating?

Do you possess a hospitable, generous heart for a strong, healthy marriage?

The path to a strong, healthy marriage? It's through God's love, from Father to Son to His Church.

Wolves among the lambs seeking to destroy our sacramental marriages.

Mercy Sunday: encouragement to live lives of love, mercy and complete trust in God. Begin at home with your beloved.

Easter Sunday: the most amazing miracle ever!!

Palm Sunday: a day for unity and mercy in our sacramental marriages.

The self-sacrificing spouse: standing in the gap for their spouse's sickness of soul.

St. Paul's truly beautiful and remarkable definition of love remains timeless.

Intimacy in all its' forms: essential for strong, healthy, Catholic marriages.

God produces in each of us gifts for a holy, Catholic marriage.

"Speak tenderly." Thank you Isiah, good advice for husbands and wives.

What's the Epiphany have to do with my sacramental marriage?

Loving God, spouse and family begins with loving self.

Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord? Yes!

Transforming suffering and affliction into opportunity.

Changing selfishness into selflessness.

Living holy lives and marriages in todays' world? Impossible... without hearts open to obedience and His holy will.

Marriages prosper in love when each spouse places their beloved ahead of themselves. Who knew?!

Living our life's journey without God is like crossing a desert without water!

There's power in the first three Commandments!

Love of God and spouse: more similar than we think.

How do we live humble lives as God intended within our sacramental marriages and lives?

Difficulties and discipline are evidence of God's love for us. Are you kidding?

Yes! There are strategies to deal with a painful marriage.

How do we learn to love our spouse as God desires and as we vowed?

A more trusting, intimate marriage awaits. Want it?

Works of the flesh or the spirit? An easy choice....but, why does our fallen nature have to get in the…

Suffering and hardships. Isn't there an easier route to Heaven?

Jealousy and anger or following the words of The Good Shepherd? What's it going to be for us as sacramentally…

Jesus isn't just speaking to Peter about feeding His people, What about our call to love, tend and feed our…

Focusing on our beams versus our spouse's splinters!

Suffering. Forgiveness. Can't we talk about happier subjects?

No reason to worry during the good times. Right?

So what's the connection between Simon catching fish and our holy, Catholic marriages?

November (Last Week)

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"Increase and abound in love for one another." Good advice!

2020-2021 Year B

The Holy Family: a model for our sacramental marriage.

I have faith! Do I need obedience too?

Pray, don't worry. Ok, exactly how do I do that?

Unplug from the distraction of electronics; We really don't have all the time in the world.

Are we going to subdue our demons or will they subdue us?

Our souls, our marriages...a beautiful garden or an abandoned lot?

So, what's the best way to protect our body and our soul?

A road less traveled but filled with love, sacrifice and the Sacraments.

Pray, wait, listen...in the fulness of His time, not ours.

How embracing obedient love draws us closer to God and our spouse.

Noah and today: not too much difference, is there?

St. Paul's five point game plan for healthy, holy marriages.

Holiness, holiness, holiness. Do I need to repeat that?

Who are we in the Passion of our Lord?

Discipline and Obedience: Isn't there an easier path to be a strong Catholic?

The Sacraments and their importance in our lives.

The importance of a loving, holy marriage in raising strong children obedient to their parents and to God.

Yes, we are vulnerable to the enemy and need a strong, protective Shepherd.

Marriage can teach us how to love as Jesus loves.

Who are we really supposed to be fighting? Hint: it's not our spouse.

It's true: we can't love others if we don't love ourselves!

What is the recipe for a holy, Catholic marriage?

Seven Deadly Sins or Fruits of the Spirit: what's it gonna be?

Love and respect... don't spouses need both?

Enduring love, personal sacrifice are not just words but necessary for strong, healthy, holy Catholic marriages.

Pruning and shearing: unexpected, unwanted but necessary.

Qualities for a healthy marriage? St. Paul has all the answers.

Weathering the storms of your marriage? Let Jesus help!

Remain courageous. We're in a spiritual war: don't allow your marriage to become a casualty.

The Eternal Covenant: yes, it IS the body and blood of Jesus Christ!

Belief dictates behavior. So, what do we believe?

Finding peace in an non-peaceful world: is it possible?

Protecting our sacramental marriages.

Marriage: A gift of love from God to us!

Love in theory...that's easy. Love in action...not so much!

St. Paul: the world's first marriage counselor!

Our Blessed Mother: the ideal of faith, hope, obedient love.

Tenderhearted: a sentiment rarely used but sorely needed.

Can't my marriage just get better without undertaking serious, personal work?

How to become supermodels for a strong sacramental marriage

If you want a healthy, holy marriage... it's about being last, not first

Love without works spells death for our spiritual and married life

Blind and deaf to Christ and our sacramental marriage

Love your spouse as yourself. Easier said than done!

When fathers act as the Good Shepherd, they really do know best!

What we must know and live for a strong Catholic marriage

Money and materialism. How we went so wrong. How we can fix it!

Sacramental Catholic marriage really is unique. How do we live it?

November (1st Three Weeks)

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"Increase and abound in love for one another." Good advice!

Two opportunities we should not miss in our holy, Catholic marriage,

So, what is the greatest gift we can give our children?

Generous or stingy hearted? Which are we?

2019-2020 Year A

How does being united in mind and purpose, abstaining from dissension and division help our holy, Catholic marriages?

There's no "ENOUGH" in marriage...true love is unending and eternal as is God Who is part of our sacramental marriage.

Ok, why's it so important to let go of arrogance and pride for a healthy, holy, Catholic marriage?

Wanted! Wise men and women willing to bear gifts of love, selfless service and sacrifice to form enduring holy, Catholic…

Be holy and love your neighbor as yourself! What's that have to do with me and my marriage?

Kind, loving, respectful? Why should I be when my spouse isn't!

How can we be a light to our family in a world of darkness?

There's that "O" word again!

What's it going to be, sins of the flesh or Fruits of the Spirit?

Don't allow your marriage to be lived out in blindness

How to lean on Jesus, the living water, depending on His strength for a healthier marriage.

What's God's relationship with Abraham and St. Paul have to do with His relationship with me and my marriage?

How to use our free will to lead our marriages and family closer to God.

Our works, conduct and reverence: a path to a happier, healthier sacramental marriage.

From suffering to loving through forgiveness and mercy.

Resurrection from the cold, dark tomb of a painful, yet sacramental marriage.

How about focusing on the "whats" versus the "whys" of our lives and marriages?

Making use of The Seven Gifts and Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit toward a healthier, holier Catholic marriage.

Does the the fear, abandonment and loss felt by the Apostles seem familiar, so like our own at times?

Want to replace a heart full of stubbornness with the love of God?

Letting go of complaining through prayer and other Catholic actions.

Letting go of regret and remorse for a holier Catholic marriage.

Priorities, priorities, priorities! But, which are first?

Fear/anxiety: isn't it more than just a state of mind?

How are we doing with being a trustworthy Catholic spouse?

So, exactly how well are we doing as husbands and wives?

Being humble servants in our sacramental marriages.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like...

Suffering is meant for our holiness and spiritual growth. Really!

How are we living the life Jesus has given us?

Peace, happiness: How do we get them?

So, as a Sacrament of the Catholic Church, where do we really stand as a follower of Jesus?

Do we have a framework for success for our marriage and family?

In a rough storm, we need a strong boat.

Living our love for God by living the vows of our sacramental marriage.

How to achieve a truer level of love and intimacy.

"I just want to be happy!" Well, who doesn't?

Anger is just an emotion, not such a big deal. Really?

Love of Self. What's that really mean?

What will be our legacy to our family?

Let's be the school of love, not hate to spouse, family and friends.

Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety! How to manage it.

Secular stress of the season or peace of soul? What will it be?

A King who came to save and to serve, not to be served. Are we imitators of our King in…

How obediently cooperating with sacramental grace can lead to life-giving, faithful love.

How love, faith and obedience can lead us to a healthier sacramental marriage

How the Beatitudes can help us have a holier, more peaceful Catholic marriage.

2018-2019 Year C

The six areas of intimacy our sacramentally married spouse longs for.

Authoritative, demanding, harsh...or...kind, cooperating, accommodating? Which do you prefer?

Bringing and sharing our special gifts into our sacramental marriages.

The darkness in a marriage overcome by the Light of the World.

Love your enemy! Are you kidding? What if that's my spouse!

St. Pauls' words of love: living them for God and spouse.

Wanting what we want instead of appreciating and using God's gifts to us.

St. Peter, catching fish and our Holy Catholic Marriage.

How a wife's mercy saved her marriage.

What is God's number one mission for your life?

What to do when your spouse won't listen.

How to live with a selfish, demanding spouse?

How to endure trials and tribulations in marriage.

Do you have a mercy filled marriage? The A, B, C's

Resurrection of our Lord, resurrection of our marriage

The importance of the "H" word in out Holy Catholic Marriage

One overlooked but important ingredient for a healthy marriage

Do you have peace in your life and marriage?

How can we strengthen our spirits for healthier marriages and families?

Righting the wrongs born of jealousy and anger

What are the "T" and "O" levels of your marriage?

Loving God, spouse and family begins with loving self.

Body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord? Yes!!

Transforming suffering and affliction into opportunity.

Changing selfishness into selflessness.

Want to create a more trusting, intimate marriage?

Interested in learning healthier ways of communicating?

Do you possess a hospitable, generous heart for a strong, happy marriage?

Strengthening strong, happy marriages through God's love, from the Father to His Son to His Church.

Wolves among lambs seeking to devour our sacramental marriages.

Difficulties and discipline are evidence of God's love for us. Are you kidding?

Yes! There are the strategies to deal with a painful marriage.

How do we learn to love our spouse as God desires and as we vowed?

Sacrificial love: how do we live it for our spouse?

Complacency and laziness or living the Virtues. What's it going to be for your sacramental marriage?

Praying for our spouse and remaining faithful when faced with a lack of trust, honesty and caring.

A Catholic and non-Catholic spouse. Can it work?

Laying our lives down for Jesus to improve our holy, Catholic marriage. Really?

How do we live humble lives as God intended within our sacramental marriages and lives?

How does the willingness to serve make us better spouses and parents?

The importance of persistence, encouragement and patience in a holy Catholic marriage.

Why is change so, so difficult?

How do the gifts of the Holy Spirit assist us to be just, patient, obedient and trusting?

November (1st Half)

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Too much sneering and jeering, not enough love and honor.

Are we models of holy, Catholic marriages?

Why is there all this suffering in holy, Catholic marriages?

So, who's responsible for our sins and what's the big deal about generosity?