We have strong personalities as we are both professionals and make a great deal of money. We both want to be in charge and control. Gary and Alberta got us to see how unfaithful we were to each other, our sacrament and God through our independent, selfish behaviors. An eye opening experience.


I am divorced and after reading the Marriage Minutes I realize we didn’t understand the sacramental nature of our marriage. When we said we were getting a divorce no one cared or tried to talk us out of it. If only we had read the Minutes in time.

Signed, So sad!

We have seen Christian counselors and secular therapists. Gary and Alberta’s Marriage Mentoring is different and works, we have stopped arguing. I am a believer now. Kudos!


You have inspired us to live our marriage the way God intended. Our future children will benefit from all we have learned and now know and live. Blessings to you and your ministry.

D. and J.N.

I have been clipping the Marriage Minutes out of our bulletin and sending them to our five adult children in other states. One daughter has returned to the faith. She said she just needed to read these little essays to “get it”; this after twelve years of Catholic school. I don’t know which essay touched her heart. I just say “thank you”. She is back in the faith and my prayers were answered.

A thankful mom

We both came from broken marriages. We were married in the Church because it was pretty. We were prepared for marriage by the parish secretary…not a good experience! Thank God our marriage was saved by the Pizzitolas who taught us how to live a Catholic marriage in intimacy and be close to the sacraments. Who knew reconciliation is so wonderful! Thank you for saving so many marriages and mine too!


All of our friends have gotten a divorce…it is scary. The Pizzitolas have helped us learn what our friends never knew and that is how to achieve intimacy with a family and very little time.


Didn’t understand how much work I needed to do. Real love is hard work…but that is what I promised 15 years ago.


If I had read the article on anger twenty years ago I would still be married.


Our priorities were really out of order. We had no time for each other and as the kids and years passed we had even less time. Is this all there is? We met Gary and Alberta and had a lot of work to do. Change is hard but worth the effort…. Thank you!

K. and D.

We were so off track with our communication and anger. We decided we no longer loved each other. Gary and Albert’s wisdom, prayers and guidance have us in a very different place. We love each other more than ever. Thank you and we will pray for you.

D. and J.

Our marriage is healing after my spouse’s infidelity. Alberta and Gary have worked with us and helped us heal and begin to trust again. There was so much we didn’t know or understand. No wonder we fell apart.


We have been living a secular marriage and it wasn’t working well. Gary and Alberta opened our eyes and hearts to the beauty of our sacrament and the love of Christ and His church. Thank You.

A. and A. J.

God spoke to me through Alberta. Instead of walking away from my marriage, I learned that real sacramental grace was in both my marriage and in the healing power of confession and the Eucharist

D and M

We were married 30 years when Alberta and Gary said my husband was my beloved. I realized we did not treat each other as “beloved”. Now we have more love and peace in our marriage because we treat each other as “beloved.

J & E.T.

Thanks to the Pizzitolas, my husband and I put our 25 year marriage on the right order and began to practice God’s priorities for a Holy Catholic Marriage

J and H.S.