About Us

We are Gary and Alberta Pizzitola. Our life’s purpose is to assist Catholic couples in learning and practicing the five priorities that help marriages grow in love, happiness, and holiness. We are dedicated to growing strong, healthy, Catholic marriages and raising strong, healthy, Catholic children.

God has blessed Alberta and me with a beautiful marriage, two children, and five grandchildren. As a licensed psychologist, marriage and family therapist with a Ph.D., I have been in private practice with over thirty-five years of professional experience in every aspect of married life, working extensively with children, adolescents, and adults. Alberta has a degree in Sociology and has ministered to women spiritually who have difficult marriages. She has helped their marriages heal through the five priorities and the Church’s sacramental grace. Together, we have combined our experience and knowledge in a shared ministry preparing couples for their Holy Sacramental Marriage and mentoring married couples into a truly intimate relationship.

The point to a healthy, happy, holy marriage is not to be married fifty years and dislike each other or to have “put up” with each other or to have just settled because you feel stuck. Rather, the goal in HOLY MARRIAGE is to be married fifty or sixty years and be more in love with each other than on your wedding day.

Alberta and I came from intact, Catholic, hardworking families. Even though we had been raised in happy homes with similar values and expectations, we found marriage to be very difficult. My degrees in Psychology and training in marriage therapies lacked Catholic truth and we did not understand the power of prayer and sacramental grace. We found ourselves growing apart. Upon implementing Catholic truth, continuous prayer and being open to sacramental grace, our marriage exploded in new found love. Let us help you grow your marriage into intimacy, love and mutual understanding.


Growing in Intimacy Programs

  • The priorities of a Catholic Marriage
  • The nightly goal of a marriage
  • How to deal with chores
  • Effective and enjoyable communication
  • How to get rid of anger
  • Finances
  • Learning the key to forgiveness
  • Learning what love is and what it is not
  • What does your spouse need and what do you need
  • How negative thoughts can destroy your marriage
  • Dealing with extended family
  • Solve problems without hurt feelings
  • How to overcome the negative impact of your families of origin